2015 | Two Titles | Solo Show

Two Titles,
curated by Jonatan Habib Engqvist

Rumänska Kulturinstitutet, Stockholm
28.8–30.11 2015
Image copyright: Jean Baptiste Béranger, courtesy of Romanian Cultural Institute

Raluca Popa’s grandfather was a projectionist. She spent many hours of her childhood in the darkness of the cinema watching images from both Soviet and European films pass by, the dialogue often remaining a mystery. With interpretation left to composition and soundtrack, new narratives arose based on personal understanding and experience. This background is the starting point for a drawing based exhibition with a narrative in dialogue with the Swedish context. The architecture of the Romanian cultural institute becomes a place where the projectionist has become a pastor and Popa’s personal archive reflects the filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, playwright Peter Handke and a person who has become too civilized.
(Jonatan Habib Engqvist, curator)

List of works:
God´s Zeal, papper, akryl, oil pastel, 1x692 cm, 2015
Critical Mass, Charcoal drawing on wall, 570x130 cm (2005) 2015
Stills (Winter light), 5 st, 25x18 cm, Charcoal drawing on wall, 2015
Establishing Shot (Winter light), 36x28 cm, Pencil and carbon on paper, 2015
Czech Television Storage, 28x36 cm, Pencil and carbon on paper, 2015
I always wanted to be at the center, Slide projection, 2015 (Produced by Asociatia Tranzit Bucuresti)