2014 | Publication

woodcut, 37x49 cm
Open edition

Raluca Popa's piece is a copy from an open edition of woodcuts which represents the superimposition between the organic contour of the artist's hand and the rectangular contour of a possible banknote. The physical encounter between the two shapes which belong to different geometric ranges proposes a symbolic suggestion of the distinct and parallel realities that they stem from. The suggested banknote's rectangle is not misshapen by the human touch and belongs to a different plane, towards which the hand seems to be reaching, trying to touch, only to leave it unchanged. Through the proposition of an open edition of woodcuts, Raluca breaks the rules of the artistic market and of the authenticity of the artistic object, which require measurable, finite sequences, as well as transparency in the quantification of copies, both due to the logic of assuring authentication, but also in an effort to increase the effort of a serial unit. Moreover, the incompatible relationship between the two superimposed forms creates multiple layers of meaning connections: money-tool, money-practical means of manipulation, the instrumentalized hand, the mechanization of the artistic act, and so on.
(Text by Diana Ursan)

Dear Money, Editorial concept: Alexandra Croitoru & Magda Radu, Published by: Salonul de Proiecte Association, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2014