2012 | Four human figures

Four human figures,
Pencil animation, 4 sec, loop

The project is based on a series of drawings made by my father around 1965. The drawings are pencil etudes of the human form. Each of them represents a young person (pioneer) – seen standing, front or back, sitting on a chair or directly on the floor, etc. The perspective is frontal, somewhat flawed. The proportions are sometimes unintentionally mistaken, exaggerated. Here and there are noticeable erased traces of pencil, when the drawing was faulty and then corrected.
After I found them, I wanted to do something with or about them. For a year I tried to come up with an idea, but couldn't. Then I realized I don't have to do anything, interpret them or something, only show them. They are made in a drawing book. Then I had this idea that rotating around them with an invisible camera would be like analyzing them and seeing the parts you don't usually see. I have decided to make a classic pencil animation, drawing the initial figures from every angle as to complete, by drawing, their rotation. The animations are in a loop.