2011 | Recent works

The subject of my recent works (drawings, photography, printing) stemmed from some of my own autobiographical experiences (my visits to my grandfather’s cinema) filtered through Antonioni’s Blow Up.
The park is seen from a number of points of view or approaches which are controlled and presented by the media (thus extending or working with the enigma within the film).
The drawing Untitled (Background1) bridges several references at once: evoking texture and undergrowth, but through its scale linking with cinema/projection/film. The ink drawings and their presentation underline the objecthood of the book and its structure as man-made artifice.

View from the exhibition, Concourse Gallery, Archway, London, 03 / 2011
Untitled (Background 1), 2011, Pencil on paper, 100x215 cm
Untitled (Maryon Park), 2011, Mezzotint, Artist’s proof, 7.50x12 cm